Cowboy Christmas special


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The Chase is more than money and buckles.

The Chase is on!



Optimists and spectators call the Fourth of July run Cowboy Christmas.

While the shear number of rodeos packed into the week may put dollars in the pockets of rodeo contestants and may even give them a leg up in qualifying for December's National Finals Rodeo, the truth is, this week is no holiday.

Between the headaches of entering, all-night hauls to make the morning slack, heaps of money poured down diesel tanks, lack of sleep and crappy filling-station food, the Fourth of July is an endurance test. And we love it.

We call it The Chase.

The Chase is more than money and buckles. The Chase is...

...showing up
...the want-to
...the pursuit of excellence
...destiny fulfilled.

The Chase is winning. The Chase is a way of life.

As we follow The Chase, Cowboy Journal and CINCH put you close to the action and emotion through real-time updates and stories from the cowboys themselves. Put yourself in our boots for the best-paying, most bone-tiring week in rodeo. Feel the anguish and joy. Get the inside line on who's drawing the best buckers, calves and steers, who's gritting through an injury and which horses are showing the most try.

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The Chase is on!

We'll sleep in October.

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