photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

This is the last rodeo that could make a difference.

by Erich Rogers

We’re up at Stephenville today. I’m in twelfth place. Several other headers still have a chance to beat me. Two of them are up today. This is the last rodeo that could make a difference.

I’m going to stick to what I gotta do. My main thing is to make sure I get a good start and catch the steer and give my partner a chance.

My partner is Paden Bray. This is his last rodeo, too. I’m not sure if he still has a chance to make the top fifteen. We haven’t really looked at the results yet today. The game plan is to get a W today and see where things go from there.

We were up Friday morning at Omaha. I missed over there. We drew a pretty good steer, but I split the horns. We went to Kansas City Friday night. We were 4.9, but he slipped a leg. That was a bummer. Paden got on a plane and flew to his college rodeo in Alpine, Texas. I went to Apache, Oklahoma, and roped with Evan Arnold. Now we’re back in Stephenville for the last hurrah.

Paden’s feeling good about today. Stephenville is his hometown rodeo. I’m excited to be here for him. Paden did his job in Arizona at my hometown rodeo. Now I have to return the favor and give him a chance.

It’s going to be a nail-biter here today.

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