photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

Omaha pretty much sealed the deal for me.

by Cole Davison

Going into this final week of the season, I wasn’t sure if I could hold on to fifteenth place. It’s been really tight.

Bubba and I were up at Kansas City Saturday afternoon. The steer we drew lowered his head, and Bubba split the horns. Bubba was pretty upset with himself, but that kind of thing happens.

We had another chance to win money that night in Omaha, Nebraska. We drew a good steer. Luke Brown had him earlier and tried to send me a video, but the cell service wasn’t good enough. We’d have to do our best.

It was cold and a bit rainy in Omaha. The weather can sometimes change how your rope feels. Bubba was still frustrated after Kansas City, so he grabbed one of my ropes out of the back seat of the truck.

Omaha is a fast, tight setup. You don’t want the steer going left, because you won’t have much room to finish. Man, Luke was right. The steer we had was amazing. He ran dead-straight. We roped him right out in the middle of the arena and got a great finish. We made a normal run and were still really fast—4.3, good enough to split second, third and fourth for an extra $3,000 each.

That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I’m going to Vegas in December.

We were up at Stephenville Sunday afternoon. It felt good being able to relax. I know Bubba was relieved. He’s been feeling the pressure for me.

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