Great Run for Round One

photo by Matt Cohen

photo by Matt Cohen

If I could be 3.6 ten times in row that would be outstanding!

by Ty Waguespack

The steer left the chute and ran sharp. He handled good on the ground. I wasn’t as close to the barrier as I would have liked to have been, but Scooter was able to run him down and let me get my feet on the ground in a great spot. I was 3.6 and won first. Scooter did his job to perfection. I thought it was a great run for the first round of the NFR. If I could be 3.6 ten times in row that would be outstanding!

Tyler Pearson did a great job hazing. Tyler always does a great job hazing. He’s extremely sharp. He works at it all the time. And he is always one-hundred percent there to help anybody who needs it. He takes being a great hazer to heart. Pearson’s just a hell of a horseman. His animals are always in top-top shape and feeling great. He gives them the best equipment, the best feed. He cares for his horses, and they return the favor. Everybody wants to have Pearson in their corner.

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As for Scooter, words can’t describe how much heart that horse has. I’ve gotten along with Scooter ever since day one. In fact, the first time I ever threw a leg over Scooter’s back was before Tyler and Kyle bought him.

This was in 2016. Tyler was looking for a horse. I got invited to the Champions Challenge in Rapid City, South Dakota. They knew Scooter was up there. I bought my plane ticket and flew up and met with Mr. Jason Reiss, who owned Scooter at the time. When I first saw that horse, I was scared to death. It was wintertime, and he was sway-backed and had long, long hair on him. Let’s just say he didn’t look like what I was expecting. But, man, when I backed him into box, Scooter did his job. He performed so well, I ended up winning the rodeo. I was very impressed by what was underneath the saddle but not nearly as impressed as I am with him now. Scooter’s like a superstar athlete. If you go up and pet him now, he’s hard as a rock. He works better and better every time I ride him.

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