Down to the Wire

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

I’ve been here before, but like I said earlier, this year feels different. Let’s hope it is.

by Rhen Richard

We were up in Kansas City slack on Wednesday. I really like slack this time of the year. Well, except that it usually starts at 7:00 a.m. It’s quiet, can move pretty quick, and you’re done. Quinn and I were 4.9 in the team roping. It was just a good, solid run. We ended up splitting fourth and fifth and winning seventeen-hundred dollars each. It counted towards Quinn’s rodeos this season. I’m glad we could put it together for him.

Calf roping started out solid. I had my rope on my calf pretty good, but she tried to back around me. I had to get her flanked without pulling her on top of me. I should have been a short eight seconds, but I was 9.8, which wasn’t good enough to win a check.

It was awesome to be able to put a solid team roping run up though. We’re still trying our best to get Quinn off the bubble and into the NFR.

Friday morning was Omaha slack. Omaha only had thirty-two teams. We had planned to just make a solid, sharp run. Nothing flashy, no need to really reach. We decided to kind of play the odds, and the odds won. Quinn lost his rope. It happens.

Calf roping went a lot better though. I was 8.6 and won fourth and a check for twenty-five hundred.

photo by Matt Cohen

photo by Matt Cohen

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My calf horse, Patron, has felt really tired. He’s seven, and I don’t want to risk him getting hurt or burning out, so I went ahead and sent him to Texas for Stephenville on Sunday. I’ve been riding a mare of Cimarron Boardman’s, and we’ve been getting along pretty good. It always feels weird not riding my own horse, but it’s in his best interest right now to take a few days off. I can drink coffee when I’m tired, but Patron can’t.

Friday afternoon, we were booked on a commercial flight from Omaha to Salt Lake City for the rodeo at Mona, Utah, but our plane had technical trouble, and we sat on the tarmac waiting. After they announced that the delay would be at least two hours, barrel racer Jessie Telford, who’s also fighting to get off the bubble, made some calls and lined up a private charter for all of us, including tie-down ropers Ryan Jarrett and Blane Cox. Thanks to her we made Mona on time! We were all exhausted and very appreciative of her quick thinking and action.

In Mona, I had a fresh horse, a sorrel gelding called Boone that Clint Robinson’s been riding for me. I split third and fourth in the tie-down, and then we drove to California for two more. No luck at San Bernardino, but at Poway last night, Quinn and I finished fifth for an extra fourteen hundred each.

I’m too tired to figure out where that leaves me and Quinn in team roping, but I’m feeling good about my chances at tie-down.

Today is the last day of the season. We’re up at Stephenville. This one counts for both of us in team roping. It’s coming down to the wire. I’ve been here before, but like I said earlier, this year feels different. Let’s hope it turns out different.

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photo by Matt Cohen

photo by Matt Cohen


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