I Still Believe

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

It’s been an exhausting few weeks, but we’re finally home.

by Kyle Irwin

The other night, after the Kansas City rodeo, we went to see the Royals play baseball. Tyler’s little boy, Stetson, had his glove and was trying to catch pop flies. A guy hit one our way. We all stood up to try and help Stetson get it, but the ball landed in another group of people. Well, those people missed it! The ball bounced and flew back up into the air. I jumped back up shouting that we still had a chance. I didn’t get it, but everybody laughed about my enthusiasm.

“You know, Kyle, that’s exactly how you think,” Tyler said. “As long there’s a chance, you still believe.”

He was right. As long as I still have a breath left in me and the opportunity is there, I won’t give up. That just about sums up my thinking during the last two weeks of the season.

I didn’t give up on making the NFR, and I didn’t give up on my promise to be there beside my wife when our daughter was born. We may have missed that baseball for Stetson, but otherwise things turned out pretty good.

photo by Matt Cohen

photo by Matt Cohen

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I got home Sunday night, and our daughter Ellie Marie was born early Monday morning. It felt like I flew into another rodeo and slept in the airport!

Luckily, our families have been here to help us juggle everything. My mom and my mother-in-law stayed with Randa at the hospital, while I went home to practice with my cousins for a little bit.

I couldn’t ask for a better wife. Randa handles everything so well. I’m blessed to be married to a woman who can hold the fort down when I’m on the road, and who understands that I’ve had to be gone these past two weeks.

As for the rodeo season, I finished at fourteenth with another opportunity to compete at the NFR, where I can set my family up financially for the year.

It’s been an exhausting few weeks, but we’re finally home. It might not be quiet, and I know there won’t be a lot of sleep, but I’m grateful to be here.

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