My Last Chance

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

photo by Matt Cohen / Cowboy Journal

I’ve never been one to do anything ahead of time, so if I make the NFR, it’s gonna be last minute.

by Chase Brooks

I haven’t earned a dime since last week.

At Amarillo, I drew a dang good horse, Ned Pepper from Stace Smith Pro Rodeo. He bucked me off during my permit year. It was only the second pro rodeo I’d ever been to. He made pretty quick work of me. This time I was eighty-one on him. That wasn’t good enough to win a check, but it felt good to get some payback. I think the judges were looking for a flashier ride. Ned Pepper’s a bucker, and he’s hard to ride, but he doesn’t really get in the air and float. It doesn’t look as pretty when you’re riding him. It was a lot of work, but it just didn’t have the flash.

Then, at Pasadena, I don’t know what happened, but I ended up with a no score. I never found out why. They didn’t announce it—or I didn’t hear. It wasn’t a good enough ride to worry about it anyway.

photo by Matt Cohen

photo by Matt Cohen

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My rodeo count is down to two. These are the Xtreme Bronc Matches in South Dakota this weekend. They both have at least ten thousand added, so first might pay as much as four thousand. I’m not sure, but they’re gonna be good.

In Mitchell, I drew Korkow Rodeo’s Nysa. In Sioux Falls, I have South Point from Sutton Rodeo. Both are supposed to be buckers!

After last weekend, I dropped from sixteenth to seventeenth. It sucks, but I’ve never been one to do anything ahead of time, so if I make the NFR, it’s gonna be last minute, which would be about right.

Sounds like I drew some good ponies this weekend. There’s enough money up. If I do good, I still have a chance.

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